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      You are very obstinate, he said. Why dont you let me walk home with you?

      "I tell you, Mr. Frank Bassett, I'm not crying. It's the dust in the road got into my eyes."

      "NoI have enough to think of, without troubling my head about news!"

      And do you agree with them? Do you approve of her mad freak in running off like this?


      Fred remembered that when they left San Francisco at noon, the bell struck eight times, instead of twelve, as he thought it should have struck. The Doctor's explanation made it clear to him.


      "Having been exclusive so long, and having been compelled against her will to open her ports to strangers, there was naturally a good deal of opposition to foreigners even after the treaty was signed. The government endeavored to carry out the terms of the treaty faithfully; but there[Pg 99] was a large party opposed to it, and anxious to have the treaties torn up and the foreigners expelled. This party was so powerful that it seemed to include almost a majority of the nation, and the Kioto government took the Yeddo section to task for what it had done in admitting the foreigners. One thing led to another, and finally came the war between the Mikado and the Tycoon. The latter was overthrown, as I have already told you, and the Mikado was the supreme ruler of the land.


      Why, poor Mr Silverdale, and to think that it was only last Friday that we had such fun over the slippers. I declare I shall never want to see a slipper again. He was crushed to a jelly, and Im sure I hope the driver will be well hung for it, though they are certain to prove that it wasnt his fault, which is so easy now that poor Mr Silverdale cant give his account of the matter. It was all over in a moment, though I know quite well you didnt like him, and said many sarcastic things about him and the young ladies whom he inspired. Im sure I never said a hard thing about him, nor thought it either, though he didnt ask Alice to be his wife. But I am convinced he would have if he had been spared, thats one comfort. If only he had, all this might have been avoided, for they would be on their honeymoon now, let me see, February, March, April, or if they had come back, he wouldnt have wanted to set out on this mission just yet, and so the van wouldnt have been there. And what are we all to do now?