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      At sight of the bride they broke into a kind of subdued cheer. Esmeralda, looking down, saw them as through a mist, a mist out of which grew prominently the tall, commanding[176] figure of Trafford. He stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for her. As she came, his grave face lighted up with a smile of welcome.

      Varley pointed to the hut near which they were standing, and Trafford followed him in. The two men stood facing each other, Trafford with his back to the door.

      They have not seen me, said Esmeralda.

      Varley handed him the pouch and paper, but Traffords hands were shaking, and Varley, saying, Permit me, took them from him and rolled a cigarette, offering his own for a light, and watched Trafford smoke, with that sense of satisfaction which we all feel when we are playing the part of the Good Samaritan.



      Will you not let me help you wash up? she said, presently. Im not used to sitting by and seeing others at work that I can help in.