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      He was now twenty-seven, looking in some ways strangely older, in others far younger, than his age. The boy in him had not had much chance of surviving adolescence. Life had come down too hard on him. A grim struggle does not nourish youth, and mentally Reuben was ten or twelve years ahead of twenty-seven. His splendid health and strength, however, had maintained a physical boyishness, expressing itself in zeal and high spirits, a keen appetite, a boundless capacity for work, an undaunted enterprise. He was always hungry, he fell asleep directly his head touched the pillow, and slept like a child beside the tossing and wakeful Naomi.

      "Johnny," she said, and her hands reached out for him blindly. He saw, incredibly, tears like jewels at the corners of her eyes. "Johnny""I wish you could begin all over agin," said Maria in a tone very different from her former one. "I'd like to cook another supper for you. I wish I could do something to help. Can't I go with you and do somethingload guns, or something? I've read about women doin' somethin' o' that kind in the Injun fightin'."

      He turned from them sharply, and threw himself down on the dead bracken. Then suddenly the hunger passed. The reek of the moist earth rose up in his nostrils; it was the scent of his love, who was sweeter to him than ever Naomi was to Harry. His hand stole over the short, mould-smelling grass, caressing it. He had a love more beautiful than Harry's, whose comeliness would stay unwithered through the years, whose fruitfulness would make him great, whose allure was salted with a hundred dangers.... His fingers dug themselves into the earth, and he embraced Boarzell with wide-flung trembling arms. "My land!" he cried"mine!mine!"The regiment filed down through the woods on the hillside, and as it came into the opening at the bottom was greeted by a volley from a battery on Rocky Face Ridge. The shells screamed viciously over the heads of the men, and cut through the tops of the trees with a deafening crash.

      "I am brought here," Gornom said. "I am an elder many times. What the masters say, I do. Now they say I come here, and I come."

      He was still looking into her eyes, and she was visited by a terrible feeling that came to her sometimes and went as quicklythat he was not so mad as people thought.


      "Parties," Albin said. "Girls. Drinks. What else is there?""We'll finish this later," the Orderly whispered to Si, as he went to his place on the right.


      "Will we have to fight them cavalry again tomorrow jest the same way?" asked little Pete, still somewhat nervously.



      "Where we'll probably git sometime after dark," assented Si.