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      I thought you said it wasnt far? said Esmeralda, as they went off.

      Mr. Pinchook made another attempt to straighten his collar, coughed, and went on again.

      "Well, it shall not be till the day after; but go I must.[Pg 82] To-morrow I will revel in the delights of home, and my dear one's society. To-morrow I will be drunken with joy. The day after will do for Tabitha."Approchez-vous, Nron, et prenez votre place!

      "Isola, for God's sake, stop!"

      "You mean mother?"


      Yes, I think I understand, he said. It is all so new to you! I hope that the women will seem as beautiful, the men as nice, the colors as fresh, the music as delightful to you for a very, very long time!


      "Before what, dear love?" he asked tenderly.


      "If they should all go down in the darkness!" said Isola, in a low, dreamy voice. "The boat looked as if it might be wrecked at any moment."