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      It seems hard to deprive engineering pursuits of the romance that is often attached to the business, and bring it down to a matter of commercial gain; but it is best to deal with facts, especially when such facts have an immediate bearing upon the general object in view. There is no intention in these remarks of disparaging the works of many noble men, who have given their means, their time, and sometimes their lives, to the advancement of the industrial arts, without hope or desire of any other reward than the satisfaction of having performed a duty; but we are dealing with facts, and no false colouring should prevent a learner from forming practical estimates of practical matters.

      Then wed better get him off that wrecking tug, and Larry gave the story of the mans appearance and capture, giving Jeff the credit which Jeff, generously and promptly, returned to him with interest.

      If she isnt damaged, he told Dick, you and Jeff, or Jeff and I could fly to the swamp in her.

      Jeff flung it disgustedly out to the side.

      No, Sandy agreed, Jeff did not expect to do that. He argued that Jeff must have planned to superintend the affair, while the man in the seaplane with Tommy Larsen secured the gems, whereupon Jeff could chase him, probably turn on him and get the emeralds, and then pretend on his return that the man had gotten safely away.Lets go, then, urged Larry. Dick, look over the pontoons for strains, will you? She may have struck one of themshe has tipped over part way, maybe hit one of the pontoons.



      In the water, spilled by our wash, he decided.


      Bad news? Larry asked, climbing to the turf.Larry, holding the airplane in a moderate glide, saw the beam glowing out beyond the airplanes nose, felt that he was as low as he dared be with land ahead, and drew back on the stick to bring up the craft to a level keel, opening the throttle as the glide became a flat course about three hundred feet higher than the water.