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      The place is very well, she said, and her voice came slowly, painfully. I do not wish to gounlessShe knew what the horse wanteda sharp little cut between the ears, and a downward tug of the snaffleand she waited for these to be administered. But the lady, though she looked so exquisite in her well-fitting habit, did not seem to know what was required, and the horse, master of the situation, took advantage, and rose again.

      We will, said Lord Selvaine.They were together, spent hours together. It was only natural that she should turn to him, the man who had loved her and still loved her, from the husband who she believed cared nothing for her. One night I saw them together in the conservatory. They were agitatedI could hear nothingbut I saw him kiss her. He wiped the sweat from his face and seemed unable to proceed for a moment. I went to her that night and told her all I had seen, charged her. She denied nothing. Next morning she had left me. He, too, had gone without leaving a word behind him. They had flown together. My father died that night; I could not follow herI was like a man distraught; I think I was indeed mad for a time. I followed them here later on, and here, as you know, I found them.

      It was Norman Druce. He looked at her earnestly, noted the pallor of her face, the sadness in her eyes. He flushed, then went pale, and he glanced quickly from her to Trafford with a puzzled, startled look. Esmeralda, suddenly made aware of his presence, started too.[188]

      Lord Selvaine smiled blandly.


      Say no more! he said.I should like to ketch you at it, she said, with tender sternness.


      Trafford started slightly.