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      Esmeralda was not asleep, but she kept her eyes closed and remained motionless until the carriage slowed off, and passing a tiny lodge, drove up a narrow but well-kept drive; then she opened her eyes. She was pale still, but the rest had soothed her nerves, and the terrible tension was relaxed.Hows the game a-going, Varley? he asked, with a hiccough.

      I have been guilty; I have pleaded guilty to your accusation, Esmeralda, he said, at last. What do you wish me to doto have done? I will do anything; I owe it to you.Trafford started slightly, then smiled; he thought she was jesting; that, girl-like, she wanted him to ask the question again. He stood silent, and looking at her. Beauty unadorned is all very well, but beauty attired in a Worth dress of soft black lace, with diamonds glistening in its hair, gives the unadorned article very long odds. Esmeralda was a vision of loveliness as she stood in the light of the window; that light which is so trying to imperfect features and faulty complexions, but which only serves to accentuate the charms of a loveliness like Esmeraldas. It fell upon the bronze-gold hair and lighted it up until it shone softly; it fell upon her olive-pale face and touched it with a warm tint, rose on ivory; and it revealed the depth and the color of the wonderful eyes shaded by the long lashes.

      But by this time the boys had realized the fact of her presence, and were crowding round in clamorous amazement.

      Trafford smiled.I love you, Esmeralda! he said. He was on one knee by her side and had got possession of her hand. Wont you speak to me? Are you angry? Speak to me, Esmeralda. Tell me that I may go on loving you.

      Wont you have some bread and butter? asked Lady Wyndover: or perhaps youd like some cake.

      Im glad to know that, said Varley; it simplifies matters.

      I dont know whether you are chaffing me or not; I suppose you are, he said.


      What are we standing here for? he said, almost fiercely. Give me your horse. Follow me down to the camp!


      Is he very ill, Melinda? she asked in a whisper.They have not seen me, said Esmeralda.


      His emotion kept him silent for nearly a minute, then he said, with a smile: