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      paid from other sources. There was a time when the balance

      Just such a letter as you would write to your parents if they[31] Le Roy Frontenac, 30 Avril, 1681.

      Lastly, among the crimes of the third kind are especially those which disturb the public peace and civic tranquillity; such as noises and riots in the public streets, which were made for the convenience of men and traffic, or fanatical sermons that excite the easily roused passions of the curious multitude. For their passions gather force from the number of hearers, and more from a certain obscure and mysterious enthusiasm, than from clear and quiet reasoning, which never has any influence over a large mass of men.[14] La Barre au Roy, mme date.

      Laval, Appendix. Various papers bearing on the subject are Population. Valuation. Greatest number

      examin et choisi les habitants, et renvoy en France les[23] Lamberville to La Barre, 9 Oct., 1684, in N. Y. Col. Docs., IX. 260.




      My country is quite immersed in prejudices, left in it by its ancient masters. The Milanese have no pardon for those who would have them live in the eighteenth century. In a capital which counts 120,000 inhabitants, you will scarcely find twenty who love to instruct themselves, and who sacrifice to truth and virtue. My friends and I, persuaded that periodical works are among the best means for tempting to some sort of reading minds incapable of more serious application, are publishing in papers, after the manner of the English Spectator, a work which in England has contributed so much to increase mental culture and the progress of good sense. The French philosophers have a colony in[7] this America, and we are their disciples because we are the disciples of reason, &c.


      La Barre and the Iroquois.